The standards here at ACA are high!


Our goal is to provide a rich learning environment where the children can explore and grow academically, spiritually, socially and physically.

Each age level has hands on experiences for learning by participating in various activities.  Our learning centers invite the children to learn to their full potential.

Through literacy, reading and writing, science and creative art, children learn to explore, think, discover and solve problems through play experiences. Our professionally trained teachers plan around the child's interest and provide experiences that help with the child's TOTAL GOWTH.

They teach sharing, taking turns, cooperation and handling conflict.  Opportunities are provided for the children to develop self confidence through emphasis in independence and good work habits.  We strive to build positive self concept in a warm and caring Christian atmosphere.

We encourage parents to share their special talents and we value their partnership.  We want to lay foundations for love on learning and intellectual growth.  We love the wonder that fills the eyes of young children here at the ACA when they discover new things.

Evie Vagios

ACA Director



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